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Successful Cases

Successful Cases

Marine electronics

The Company has been committed to research onapplied technologyof marine electronics, and has successfully presented AIS Class A/B automaticidentification system(AIS)shipborne apparatus, electronic chartsystem(ECS),marine navigation radar, maritime satellite phone,Beidou or maritime satellite phone integrated terminal, AIS SART, search aid radar transponder, AIS base station, AIS digital navigation aids and other serialized products withindependent intellectual property rights. In addition, the Company provides users with AIS management system, VHF security communication system, VTS system, maritime search aid system and other integrated system solutions, leading itselfto transform from an equipment supplier to a system integrator.

Main Achievements

AIS shipborneterminal for fishingvessels of Fujian, Shandong, Liaoning Provinces

Changjiang Chongqing-to-Yibin VHF communication system

VHF communication system ofGuangzhou Port Authority

Changjiang-Shanghaitrunk-tributary linkage VHF system project

Changjiang-Nantongtrunk-tributary centralized monitoring system

VHF centralized monitoring system of Yichang/Jingzhou/Anqing/Wuhu/Chongqing Maritime Safety Administration

VHF telecommunication system ofChangjiang Maritime Safety Administration

VHF Linkage Project

AIS digital navigation aids management systemofQingdao Office of Aids to Navigation, Tian jin Maritime Safety Administration

River and vesselsafety monitoring system of Ergun international border


Air ControlElectronics

The Company has been undertaking the research and production of aeronautical telecommunication and air controlproducts, bymainly focusingon development ofsuch products asVHF ground/vehicle-mountedradio stations for civil aviation, interrogator and responder of A/C/S modesandsecondary radar calibration responder.which have been extensively applied in the aeronautical communication and monitoringfields.Among the saidproducts, the secondary calibration responder, with leading performances,is the only product that has been granted withofficial license of usage issued by Civil Aviation Administration of China within Chineseterritory.

Main Achievements

Ground–to-air communication system of Hong Kong Police Force

Port HF/VHF communication system in Sudan

Ground communication radio stationsof GATRsystem in Egypt


Navigation& Positioning

The Company, since the 1980s,has been engaged in the field of satellite navigation and has successively been involved in development and construction ofChinas Beidou satellite system, making itselfone of the major research units developing Beidou system project.At the same time, the Companystays ahead in Chinascutting-edge technologies such as high-dynamics and anti-interference receiving process.Meanwhile itsdevelopment of satellite navigation equipments is based on principle of independent research and developmentand its successively developedpassive Beidou binary-star positioninguser receiver, anti-interference nullingantenna and other equipmentshave been fully applied to corresponding platforms.

Main Achievements

BD-1/GPS satellite communication positioningterminal

Second-generationvehicle dispatching system of Hong Kong Police Force: AVLS system

Third-generationvehicle dispatching system of Hong Kong Fire Services Department: AVLS system

American TRAPSEvehicle-mounted positioning device