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VHF Aviation Communication Land Station Wins Permit for Usage of Civil Aviation Air Traffic Communication and Navigation Monitoring Equipment of CAAC

Time:2013-11-01   [Back] 


On November 1, 2013, Office of Air Traffic Management of CAAC issued the temporarypermits for usage of SPMH-1000, SPMH-1000T, and SPMH-1000R VHFair-to-ground communication land stations developedby the Company. The Company became part of the first batch of domesticenterprises which were approved to enter the air traffic management field andthe monopoly of foreign companies in this field wasbroken.

TheVHF air-to-ground communication land station is one of the key devices in VHF air-to-groundcommunication system for civil aviation air traffic management. It is used forthe approach tower, the remote control station of air control center, and theairway station to realize air guide communication of air traffic management.

The Company conducted many tests, testruns, and regression tests on these products for nearly one year relying on itsmature technology and abundant experience in development of military stationsaccording to the application features of civil aviation, and this series ofproducts met the relevant requirements of Appendix 10 of Convention onInternational Civil Aviation, Chinese Technical Standards for Civil Aviation(MH/T4001.1-2006) and European standards (for telecommunications).