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The Company has been holding onto “people-oriented, capability-based”as its concept on talents and firmly believes that talents can offer the mostvaluable core competitiveness for an enterprise, and that employees are ourmost precious assets. That’s why we have been throwing ourselves into the workof attracting talents.

We respect the value and personality of talents and give our employeeshigh recognition for their individual efforts, excellent performance and great teamwork.

We highly praise hard work, high efficiency and opencommunication. Working with excellent people is our long-time pursuit.

We have made great efforts in providing competitive salaries,systematic and comprehensive vocational training as well as diversified spacesand platforms for career development. And we also provide great talents with opportunities to achieve self-fulfillment and let their ownvalue shine in the hope of realizing our shared dream.

If you are talented and hold your dreams dear, Chengdu Tian’aoInformation Technology Co., Ltd. welcomes you to join us.

If employees face any problem or difficulty, the following channels can be adoptedto get help,

·       Newemployee training (arranging trainers)

·       Psychologicalcounseling

·       Mailboxof General Manager

·       Laborunion

·       Employeecomplaint

·       Exit interview